bowling for the first time

tate loves bowling. and i mean l.o.v.e.s it with a passion. he plays with the kids bowling set on the floor. he lays down on his stomach to set up the pins and watches the ball as it knocks over all the pins. he could do this over and over again all day. he also loves the tiny bowling set that quinn got as a gift last christmas. it has teeny tiny pins and he uses little bouncy balls as the bowling ball. he is so meticulous about setting up all the pins just perfectly in a triangle. (it is not very fun to hear him crying in frustration when the pins fall over before they are all set up.) this is another thing that could occupy him for a very long time. and let us not forget about his favorite cartoon, "bowling ducky" - or the looney tunes episode where bugs bunny, daffy and their friends go bowling. he asks to watch this all the time. so it is safe to say that taking tate to the bowling alley for the first time was certain to be a big hit with him. we already knew how much fun quinn has when we have taken him bowling, so we figured he would love it. and i'm happy to report that the family trip to the bowling alley did not disappoint. we went early on a weekday so we had the whole place to ourselves. the boys had fun picking out bowling balls in every color they could find. they were picking up the bowling balls with a little help from dad and setting them on the metal guide. every time anyone knocked over any pins at all tate would yell out "strike!" and throw his hands up in the air. and seeing quinn and tate help each other was so sweet.

this is a family fun day that we will definitely be doing again soon.