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tell us a little bit about you…  Hi there! My name is EE and I am twenty-something-at-heart wife, auntie, wanna-be photographer, world traveler and yogi.

3 things you cannot live without everyday?  3 things that I can’t live without (exclusive of the people I love, of course!) are 1) morning cup (or 3) of coffee (one mantra I live by: no coffee no prana), 2) yoga mat and 3) iPhone, of course! creative inspiration  |  EE  ==>

what is your approach to project life?  2014 is my is 4th year of approaching Project Life weekly. I love the immediacy of documenting our memories both big and small. Even though we don’t have kiddos, I still think we lead a life worth remembering. Doing Project Life actually makes me happy and remind myself that we are lucky to have the life we lead.

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what is your project life process?  I try to keep up with my album on a weekly to biweekly basis, although I am currently almost a month behind (sometimes living is more important than documenting). I don’t have a specific method to my madness. 90% of my photos are taken with my iPhone and many of those edited with PicTapGo and Instagrammed. I use DropBox to upload photos from phone to computer (which is one reason I rarely use my Nikon dSLR anymore - too lazy to have to hook it up to upload photos!).

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what is important for you to include in your pages?  Our Project Life is pretty much our life:  the everyday, rituals and routines, big events, and travels. This year I have been including older photos that relate to current events (like birthdays or Mother’s day or wedding anniversaries), more depth in writing and lots of white space in design (which is why I love Tracy’s style so much).

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do you have any “must have” tools for project life? My “must have” Project Life tools: core kits (I toyed with the idea of going digital to save space but I love feeling paper on my hands), aforementioned iPhone, PicTapGo app, my Mac, Photoshop Elements and Tracy’s Simply White collection to include lots of photos on a page with a clean look.

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