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tell us a little bit about you…  Hello. My name is Sherry Stone. I've been married to Rob for 20 years and we have 3 children ages 9, 12 and 16. I'm also a RN working part-time. Kentucky is home…and if you have never been to the beautiful state of Kentucky, you should. You can find me on Instagram at Stonefamily5.

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3 things you cannot live without everyday?

  1. Coffee with cream (preferably Hazelnut) & Diet Coke with lots of ice. Technically that is 2 but Icould just categorize it as "drinks"…right?
  2. Laughter; it truly is the best medicine and such a gift to give yourself and others.
  3. My iPhone.

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what is your approach to project life?  Since I was a little girl I have always loved photographs thanks to my grandmother Leona. She kept old shoe boxes full of photographs, each with handwritten dates, names and places on them (sometimes on the front... yes, I know). I have so many memories of her pulling those boxes out and us sitting at the kitchen table for hours looking at them. They were like treasure boxes to me (and my grandmother). I loved the stories she shared. I loved the range of emotions that went along with the photos when we would look at them. I loved every little aspect of her box of photographs… or nowadays as Becky would say "documenting". I loved the way my grandmother told her story and shared it with me. Likewise, I want my story and our family's story to be told and passed on. I really can't imagine living and NOT documenting.

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what is your project life process? This is my 5th year doing Project Life and each year I change it up to keep it fresh. What I have learned over the years is to let go of perfection…(or at least try to) and I try to keep it simple using a variety of Project Life core kits and mini kits. I'm drawn to simple but colorful. Where once I would never think of leaving a journaling card blank… I now actually like the look. I try to set aside time each Sunday afternoon to work on Project Life, but life has gotten busier and I carve out time when I can. I really don't like being any more than 3 weeks behind, but having said that I am currently about 6 weeks behind.

The last couple of years I've been using a week at a glance/highlights approach. I always start with my pictures I took for the week. I have a dslr but probably 90% of my pictures are from my iPhone. I take lots of random pictures daily. I try to select the pictures I think best represents our week. I usually end up with anywhere from 5 to 10 photos that tell that particular week's story. (She's not paying me or giving me free product…but this is why I love Tracy's digital designs! ) Tracy's designs allow me to incorporate several pictures in a 4x6 on those weeks I have lots of pictures and stories to tell. I LOVE the built in text boxes! Seriously. You can pack so much story into one 4x6 and still have white space. I'm not a digital savvy girl so I don't do a lot of editing of my pictures. I do have Photoshop Elements and can do a few things…and I do mean a few… like crop, text, and using the stamp & brush tool. I love using Ali Edwards' and Cathy Zielske's stamps/brushes for adding words and designs on my pictures.

As far as printing goes, I print from home on my Epson Artisan. Granted, it's not as cheap as retail printing but the convenience and quality is worth it to me. Once my pictures are printed, I pick a color that I think would look best with my pictures and then choose filler cards accordingly…. then I start the pocket shuffle.

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what is important for you to include in your pages? As far as pictures go, I really try to include the good, the bad and the ugly of our week; the struggles and the triumphs; the smiles and the "talk to the hand" photos. Ideally, I'd like to have an "equal" amount of photos for each of my kids. But in reality, that is not the case. If you take a look thru this year's PL book or my IG account you would think I had only 1 daughter. My boys are older and want to shy away from the camera…. and that's ok. I am working on getting myself in the story more. Man that is so hard! We're all prettier in person…right?!

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do you have any “must have” tools for project life? iPhone. iPhone and Project Life = The dynamic duo in memory keeping as far as I'm concerned. I also love the Collect Photo app for keeping me chronologically organized.

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