it is his very favorite car. cruisin' lightening mcqueen. he has a special red + white paint job from when sally and lightning mcqueen go cruising on the winding back roads of Carburetor County in the original cars movie. he loves this movie. and this car. i had no idea just how much he would love this car when i bought it. um, i mean when santa got it for the boys last christmas. somehow it has become the car he loves more than any other. and it gets lost quite often. i found it again recently. this time it was under an ottoman in our bedroom. he was so happy to have "queen" back. crusin' lightening mcqueen is now a little banged up. his paint job is not so shiny + new. but tate doesn't seem to mind at all.

he puts his cars into the toy shopping cart and pushes them around the house. like little treasures. the light was so beautiful when he stopped to play near the window in the office. and he didn't even notice that i was taking photos. i guess he is just so used to the click of the camera by now.

today he mixed his love of cars with his love of bowling and added a dash of imagination. he took the rechargeable batteries out of the dock, put them on the windowsill and used cruisin' lightening mcqueen as a bowling ball. as he knocked the "pins" over, he yelled strike!

oh, little boys and their toys...