everything is just perfect

all i wanted was just one sweet shot of my boys together. everything was just perfect - the lighting, the background, their clothes. and this is what i got.

June 27, 2012-241-w

we had just finished our mommy + son photo shoot with my friend ali. she was heading around the corner to the frozen yogurt place with her kids. so i grabbed my camera for one last shot of my two boys in this most perfect setting before we joined them.

just one quick shot. that is all i wanted.

but it was not going to happen. no matter how bad i tried. my boys were going to make sure that i did not get what i wanted.

it was h-o-t outside. and they had been as good as they could be for Ali and her camera. and now they were done. even if i was not.

they were wiggle worms. throwing cars. making faces. running away. hitting their brother. and probably loving every minute of mommy's frustration at their lack of cooperation.

June 27, 2012-232-w
June 27, 2012-206-w
June 27, 2012-236-w
June 27, 2012-246-w

just a little daily dose of reality. things aren't always as perfect as they seem. as a photographer, i know how to take technically correct photos. but that doesn't mean that my subjects are always cooperative. especially when they are my own kids. this is probably why i have been drawn toward documenting real life over the past few years instead of portrait photography with everyone looking perfect.

it is just not real life. and while those perfect smiling photos are nice to have, they are just not telling the whole story. don't get me wrong. i love a good shot of my kids looking at the camera. but when i post those great shots, what you usually don't see are the 50 other photos of them doing everything but looking at the camera. kinda like the ones above.

just remember that when you see those perfect photos posted on facebook and they start to make you feel like less in comparison, that you probably don't know the story behind the photos. the real life story. not that it has to be a bad story. but real life is not usually wrapped up neatly with a pretty ribbon. no one is perfect. no matter what it looks like from the outside.

when i got home after this photo session and loaded all of these photos onto my computer i just couldn't help but laugh. no, my perfect shot was not to be found. but these images of my two most favorite little people tell the story of our real everyday life. and that is just perfect.