hello one little word 2013

the journey begins again. i have signed up to take ali edwards' one little word workshop. last year i took ali's one little word workshop and chose the word simplify. i must admit that i started the class last year, but i didn't fully complete the monthly prompts. i started out with good intentions + a finished page for january, but i got derailed because i am not a traditional scrapbooker and i tried to hard to do it "just like ali did". and i let that halt my journey with documenting my one little word. but i did not let go of my one little word from last year. i stayed with me every month. i did listen to ali's monthly video and i always thought about what she said and how that applied to me and my one little word.

i feel like my word kept coming up for me last year. it popped up at random times and was often the answer i was seeking when i was confused. simplify. just keep it simple. don't over complicate things. choose the path that is less cluttered. say goodbye to all the unnecessary. yes, my one little word was a little light in my year. it even showed up for me in a way i didn't expect. as i was reading becky higgins' blog post calling for submissions for the 2013 project life creative team, i was starting to think i might apply. but there was one line in her post that fully caught my attention... "in other words, we are looking for simplicity." yep, there it was. my one little word. screaming + yelling at me that this was a sign. at least that is how i saw it. so i applied and received my happy email a few weeks later.

oh how i wish i had documented a lot more about my word and dug deeper into it. well, i can't do anything about that now. and it was where i needed to be at the time. but i can start fresh this year with my new one little word. so i signed up for ali's one little word workshop again this year. and i have a word. one little word...


authenticity: true to one's own personality, spirit, or character

this is a word that has been with me for a long time. it has even been hanging in a frame on my wall for two years. now is the time. i feel like i want to hold onto this word and explore it more this year. i have no idea where this word will take me. but i want to find out.

so, here is to a year full of learning + authenticity.

what is your one little word this year?