i am not a scrapbooker

i've always avoided the word scrapbooking because to me it conjured up images of patterned paper, embellishments, stickers, stamps and all kinds of crafting supplies that you need to put together a page of photos in some sort of cohesive style. all that just makes my head spin! and it is definitely not my style. but when i took away the label of scrapbooking and started to think of it as journaling with words and photos, it made more sense to me. a much better fit in my mind.

so now here i am one year and five months into this journey of project life and i don't even think about the labels anymore. family historian, memory keeper, mom with a camera - they all fit. and if it means that i end up with family memories big and small recorded forever, then i'll take it. no matter what you call it.

so happy national scrapbooking day to you all! if you have not yet seen it, becky higgins put together a sweet little video of members of the 2013 creative team sharing some great little tips, tricks and favorite project life pages. yep, i'm in the video too...

watch the video here.