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i am starting my new year with a commitment to healthy habits. some of these things are new to me. and some are things i should have been doing all along. but they are mostly just simple things that are so good for the body + soul. like more sleep. more whole foods. bringing back yoga for inner and outer well being. and juicing.

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so about this juicing thing... my husband and i wanted to get more nutrients and fresh fruits and veggies into our daily eating. and i saw dr. oz recently on tv talking about this green drink he makes for his family every day. and then i started seeing photos of friends making green drinks on instagram. so i decided to give it a try.

and i loved it. and so did my husband!

now one thing you must understand is that my husband is not the healthiest of eaters. (and yes, he did marry me when i was working as a registered dietitian.) he eats very few fruits and even less veggies. so the fact that he not only tried this green drink, but actually liked it was nothing short of a miracle. a big win in my book. i did try to get my kids to dink it too, but they are not fans yet. i understand since neither of them drink anything other than water and milk. they are still young, so we will work on this by example.

here is how i made my green drink... i followed the basic ingredient list from dr. oz's green drink - minus the parsley which gave it a horribly bitter taste.

2 cups spinach mint 1/2 cucumber 3 medium carrots 1/2 orange 1/4 lemon 1/4 lime 2 apples pineapple

fresh green drink =>>

a few random things... - canned pineapple is just as good as fresh and it's much easier to open a can than core and peel a fresh pineapple. (i did get my master's degree in food and nutrition, so i can say for certain that the nutrients in canned food are just as good as fresh.) - peel the citrus fruit before putting it in the juicer. - i love that our lemons come fresh from my aunt + uncle's lemon tree. thank you sunshine state for the fresh fruit. - i wish i had my very own lemon, lime and orange trees in my yard. perhaps one day we will get some... - i'm going to play with this recipe a bit and add some more veggies here and there. i even started a juicing pinboard on pinterest.

fresh green drink =>> can use a juicer or a blender to make this drink. i tried both. and for me, the juicer wins. i like that it is a thinner consistency - more like, well, juice. the blender did include more of the fibrous parts of the fruits and vegetables, but it also made the drink a lot thicker and more like a smoothie. it is your choice.

so far, i have really loved this daily glass of fresh juice. it has easily become something i look forward to every night after dinner. a healthy habit for sure.

go ahead and try it. i dare you.

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