linked 52 | colors

quinn. my little artist.

these are his markers + crayons. we keep them in a blue caddy just like the one he had at preschool last year. he has been using them a lot lately. drawing and coloring like crazy. he went from learning how to draw stick figures to making those stick figures into star wars guys by adding light sabers to suddenly drawing everything he sees on tv and in real life. he draws pictures of sports, looney tunes characters, video games, our family, pirate ships, playing at school and whatever else he can come up with from his five year old world.

sometimes he paints. sometimes he uses crayons. but most of the time he uses markers. sometimes he uses stickers in his drawings. sometimes he likes to print out coloring pages of his favorite cartoons. but usually he starts with a blank sheet of paper that he grabs from the printer in our home office. i just love to see his little creations and hear his explanation of what he made.

some of his favorites get hung up in the play room on a wire we installed just for the boy's artwork to be displayed.

these days there are just so many drawings. and i am saving them all for now. the pile is growing quite fast and getting big. i know i will have to part with some of them, but for now i can't do it. so into the basket they all go. i put his name and the date on the back of each one. i will scan some of them to put into his yearly photo book that i'm making for him (and tate too). i scan some to put into his childhood scrapbook that i will be making with the new project life childhood edition that is coming out in november. and some originals i will keep for always in a file box because holding the real drawings in my hands is priceless.

he showed me how to draw legs for his stick figures. he said, "you draw a letter a without the thing in the middle." i told him he was so smart and asked how he learned that. he said, "i think my imagination taught me!"

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