linked 52 | defeat

he sleeps. finally! we have had a few rough weeks of him being out of sync with his normal sleep routine. not enough sleep at night. which lead to a bit too much sleep at nap time. and a battle at bed time with him not going to sleep until way too late. just after we converted his crib into a toddler bed, he decided it would be fun to get out of bed and turn the light on, play with toys and read books until he felt like going to sleep. so the line in the sand was drawn. and i decided it was time to change what was not working. so i took away his naps. (and, yes, this is an adjustment for me since i also took away my quiet time during his naps.) it is amazing how after a few days of no naps and a few nights of 12+ full and continuous hours of sleep, we seem to be falling into a new routine. and it is good. he is getting lots of sleep and is much more calm + happy when he is awake. he is still so young at only 2 and a half years old. and this might not last very long. and that is okay. we will adapt and change if we need to. but for now i am getting a more peaceful night with both boys in bed and sleeping by 7:30 pm. i will enjoy this for as long as it lasts. because with kids, things change fast.

so for now, this is what defeat looks like. a sleeping child. mommy wins.

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