linked 52 | gathering

we have started to make it a tradition. taking a family photo of everyone around the table before we eat our thanksgiving meal. for the past few years i have set up the tripod and used my big camera. but this year i got a bit crazy and threw caution to the wind. i used my new iphone 5 for the photo. i set it on the fireplace mantel wedged between an orange and a paper weight. (i really need to get this cool keychain tripod for my iphone.) then i used a great little self timer app (timercam). the best part is that before anyone had even finished their turkey, i had processed the photo and sent it to their phones.

now all of these family photos are great, but what good are they if you never really get around to sharing them? the photo quality might not have been perfect (even though my iphone 5 is pretty darn amazing and i'm super in love with it!), but the photo was taken, the moment documented and most importantly, shared with everyone.

----------- sorry i missed posting last week. my computer was getting fixed at the apple store. don't forget to click over to see what gathering looks like for these girls also participating in linked 52: Stacey, Tracey, Heather, Jenn, Amanda, Janet, Rhonda, Carla, Heidi, Kristin, Heather, Jean and Hanne.