pool days + a staycation

there are lots of things to do in the summer. but it is just too darn h-o-t outside. so we are spending many days this summer in the pool. we don't have a pool, but my parent's do. and so does my sister. and they both live nearby. and we meet friends at the ymca pool (or as quinn calls it, the playground pool).

we have fallen into a comfortable groove with our summer swimming.

  • bag filled with pool toys, goggles and sunscreen always packed and ready? check.
  • bag of beach towels? check.
  • a colorful assortment of swimwear to choose from? check.
  • snacks + water bottles? check.
  • kids who holler woo-hoo! and papa's pool when i say let's get in the car and go to the pool? check.

quinn is turning into quite the little fish this summer. he insisted that he did not need swim lessons this year. and the more we are around other kids, the braver he gets and the more new things he will try. he can now go down to the bottom of the shallow end and pick up toys and he can swim across the width of the pool. as long as he is wearing his favorite blue + green goggles. and tate is getting more comfortable in the water. we dunk him under the water and he comes up saying eyes! because of the water in his eyes. he is learning to do the wall crawl (where he holds onto the wall and scoots toward the steps). and now he even likes to sit or stand on the side of the pool and jump to us. he is young, but he is learning. and best of all he is not afraid of the water.

we even turned a few pool days into a little staycation. while my sister was out of town (okay, so she was on a fabulous cruise in hawaii with my parent's and my aunt) we took the boys over to her house to swim in her pool and grilled steaks for dinner. we listened to pandora, had a beer, ate outside in her beautiful backyard and made s'mores for dessert. it really felt like we were on vacation - if only for a night.

this is how summer is meant to be spent.