preparing for project life 2013

i am ready. i am organized. i have a plan. and most of all, i am excited! preparations are now underway for project life 2013, so i wanted to share how i am going to get ready for another year of documenting my life and my family in words + photos.

for me, it all starts with a few basic project life supplies: a white signature binder, a big pack of design a photo pocket pages and white 4x6 and 3x4 journaling cards. that is all i need right now to get ready for january.


a few things about me + how i do project life:

i document in a weekly format. my weeks are monday through sunday so i get a full weekend into each spread.

i like to keep things very simple. the color white is my very best friend.

i am obsessed with having things in chronological order. i don't know why. i can't get over this. so i just go with this crazy quirk of mine.

i must have the week number and the dates printed in the same place every week. i put this info on my week in review card, which lives in the top left 4x6 slot in my design a photo pocket pages. call me a creature of habit.

i print out my journaling cards because i don't love my handwriting and fonts are fun. (i'm working on that love/hate relationship...) go here to find the best tutorial on how to print on journaling cards. so easy.

i use the day one app on my iphone + mac to write down what is going on every day. i love the reminder that pops up daily so i don't forget. i really need that.

this is my second year doing project life. and i love, love, love it!

the most important thing about getting ready for project life 2013 is preparation. yes, that really can make the year go so much smoother. by doing a few easy + simple things ahead of time, i can be ready to fill my pages each week.

here is how i am getting ready for a new year of project life:

i insert design a photo pocket pages into my binder. (i learned that the binder gets full and you will most likely need two binders to complete the year - at least that is what happened to me even though i don't add very many extra inserts in my weekly pages.) then i put a little sticky note on the top left corner with each week number written on it. this helps me to keep things straight so i always know which week i'm working on.

i print out 52 copies of this design a photo pocket page blank template. (you can find blank templates for other photo pocket page designs here.) i write the week number and dates on the top of each page. this is how i create my weekly pages - with a blank template pages, a pencil and a big eraser.

i enter the project life week number on every monday on the calendar on my computer. it helps me to keep track of where i am at a glance.

i create a project life folder on my computer. inside of this folder, i create 52 new folders labeled with every week number. all files, journaling cards and photos for each week will go in the corresponding weekly file.

i create 52 folders labeled with every week number in my dropbox photo file. this lets me quickly upload photos right from my iphone. when i am putting together my weekly pages, there is no searching for which photos i took that week because they are all right there in one little file.

this might seem like a lot of things to do, but it is all pretty simple and worth the time spent preparing. i've learned that having a good system is the best way to keep on track with project life. it is, after all, something i want to do and not something i have to do. some of these tips might work for you. and some might not. but it is all about finding a system that works for you. do it your way. however that might look.

tell me what you are doing to prepare for project life 2013?


project life is a simplified system of memory keeping created by becky higgins. click here to view all of my project life posts.