project life 2013 | weeks 13 + 14

i was a little behind on project life because we were out of town and off our normal routine for almost two weeks while we visited my parents in jacksonville during quinn's school spring break. but since i have my own project life system to help me keep up with the photos and happenings, it was no big deal. just finding the time to sit down and pull together my photos (because i had taken tons of photos) and pages was a bit challenging. but somehow i managed to get it done. pages finished for weeks 13 + 14.

i am starting to include more inserts into my weekly pages. i am even going back an adding some inserts to weeks past (more on this in a future blog post). i am using becky higgins project life page protectors in 8x10 and 8.5x11 sizes right now. i love the quality of these pocket pages. and they are perfect for holding some very important pieces of our story in our family project life album.

week 13: easter in jacksonville and almost every photo taken with my iphone. oh how i love you, sweet iphone!

left side: a perfectly imperfect photo of me and the boys driving to jacksonville, florida. (we visited my parents as they are living there for a few months while my dad undergoes some amazing advances in prostate cancer treatment.) and some of my favorite easter day photos like the bunny my mom used to decorate their apartment door, tate carrying his easter eggs, the boys playing with their easter legos and my dad chasing the boys around by the river.

an easter card printable by dunia and a cute little something quinn said about an easter cartoon he was watching. right side: sleeping boys, a preschool easter party and the many faces of my sons. i put a photo of the boys making necklaces at quinn's school easter party and a photo of me wearing the necklaces on one 4x6 card. i didn't use a template. i just made what i needed for the photos to fit in photoshop.inserts: i wanted to include lots of iphone photos this week since i had taken so many. i was inspired by these simple + beautiful photo collage templates by fellow creative team member, rebecca. i printed my collage as an 8x10 photo that i slipped into a becky higgins 8x10 vertical page protector. i printed out my march 2013 these days blog post. i used these templates from cathy zielske and sized them down to an 8x10 so they would fit in the back of the page protector. i love the idea of capturing my thoughts in my project life pages. i will be doing this a lot more.

week 14

left side: photos from jacksonville and the beginning of quinn's basketball season.

i just love this iphone photo of the boys painting with watercolors.the blue bridge that tate loved to drive over, quinn riding on the luggage cart and a journaling card about our trip. fonts used were windsor hand that i found via design editor (who also happens to be a fellow project life creative team member), mank sans, avenir and amelie.i took my big camera to quinn's first ever basketball practice. and i loved this series of him shooting a basket. so i made my own little 4x6 collage with some text. right side:  random bits and pieces from the week like a macro photo taken with my iphone lens of some grass sprouts that quinn brought home from school, a black + white photo of tate, the boys and their cousins playing with play-dough, tate and his sleep trouble on our trip and my reflection in the door to the restaurant where we had lunch. and of course, my weekly iphone collage. another funny thing quinn said and the boys playing mini-golf with mark. inserts: we went to the jacksonville zoo with my parents and my sister, so i made an 8x10 collage of all the photos i took. again, lots of photos from this little trip to the zoo and all shot with my iphone. i used these templates from cathy zielske and sized them down to fit in the 8x10 page protectors. why size them down you ask? well, to be honest it came down to printing for me. i can't get 8.5x11 prints from my local costco and i'm just too impatient to order them online. so local 8x10 prints it is. and they came out great.

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