project life 2013 | weeks 21 + 22

i noticed that my project life album is filling up. we are almost at the halfway point in the year. can you believe it? so i took a few minutes to look back through some pages from earlier this year. and i realized something. i always say that project life is a great way to help my boys to remember their lives. that it helps them because they are so young and probably won't be able to remember everything that happens. well, as i was looking back over the first half of this year, i noticed that there were things that i had already forgotten! but thanks to project life, i got to laugh and smile as i looked at all of these memories documented in my hands. so i guess it helps all of us to remember.

all 4x6 photo collages used in my project life pages are from my simply white photo template collection.

weeks 21:  two big events this week - quinn's preschool graduation and our family reunion trip to the beach.

left side: our week in review card, photos from quinn's preschool graduation, umbreallas on a rainy day and quinn's face painted like a ninja turtle from his class party.

an iphone photo of quinn and his new duck and something tate said this week.

quinn with a silly grin in his cap + gown.a side by side comparison of quinn on his first + last day of pk4. i love how you can see how much he has changed.

right side: this side is all about our big family reunion trip to daytona beach. i took so many photos that it was hard to pick only a few for this page. i included a black + white photo of everyone (the official count was 79 people - all of whom i'm related to in some way or another!) and a few other family photos on the beach. (click here to see more about this trip.)

i journaled directly on this photo of the beach. i love how you can see the cars in the bottom of this photo because daytona is one of the few beaches that still allow people to drive on the beach. it is part of what i remember the most about daytona beach when i visited as a child.

just a few photos of my boys and the hello beach brush over a photo of the ocean (from ali edwards' hello summer life boxes). i simply adore these stamps and brushes from ali!

a favorite photo from the weekend. me, my sisters and my cousins photographed at the same place on the daytona beach boardwalk 33 years later. my dad really wanted us to recreate this photo - and i'm so glad we did. it is priceless.

insert:  as i said, there were so many photos that it was hard for me to choose just a few. so i made an 8x10 collage insert to include some more photos from this weekend. i'll probably make a little 8x10 photo book to print all of the photos from the weekend, but this is a great way to capture just a few in our project life pages. i love the flexibility of inserts. and i really love the quality of becky higgins' project life page protectors to hold these insets. they really are great.

on the back of the insert, i cut down a finger painting that tate did with my mom this week. my little budding artist...

week 22: not very many photos this week, but it is all still worth documenting.

left side: i had very few iphone photos to choose from this week and no big camera photos, but i still found some gems. and really, you only need a few to tell your story.

true story. we really did randomly run into my good friend who lives 4 hours north of us while we were driving home from our daytona beach trip and she and her family were driving back home from visiting family near our house. it was so crazy! right before we said good-bye, i had my sister take a quick iphone photo of our families together to prove that we really did see each other. i love this one!

tate's rare nap in a shopping cart and what he calls mcdonald's.

right side: an iphone photo mark took of tate naping in his car (two naps in one week? must be summer already), a rainy week photo, more of tate's words and our weekly iphone photo collage. the shot of the bathroom is because quinn started taking showers by himself this week. he couldn't reach the hook on the back of the door so he hung his towel on the door handle. i love that he made the effort to clean up after himself. (and i have no delusions that this will continue, but i'll enjoy it for now.)tate was all about wearing quinn's jerseys this week. he kept changing and was happy to model the new numbers for me. tate and his bowling pins and another brush by ali edwards from her family sentiment boxes. insert: quinn colored some angry birds pictures, cut them out (with some help from my sister) and pasted them onto another paper. he was so excited to see his paper in our project life album on the dining room table this week. this is an 8.5x11 becky higgins project life page protector. on the back i slipped in a ninja turtle drawing that quinn made. he has really been drawing a lot these days and i love it.

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my project life pages were created with these supplies:

the simply white photo collage template collection

the week in review basics journaling set

project life photo pocket pages design a

project life 8.5×11 page protectors

project life 8×10 page protectors

ali edwards' family sentiment boxes

ali edwards' hello summer boxes