project life 2013 | weeks 27 + 28

hello project life album number two for the year! as i said in my last post, i split my year right in half because i know that i cannot fit all 52 weeks into one single album. it is not that my first album is filled to the brim, but it is pretty full because i used lots of inserts this year. and i like things orderly and symmetrical - and divided equally in half! so this is the beginning of my second project life album for 2013.

all of the photo templates used in my pages are from my simply white photo collage template collections v1 + v2 and some new templates from my upcoming v3! (school starts soon, so i'm hoping to have v3 released as soon as i can...)

here is the title page for my second project life album of 2013. just keeping it simple with some recent family photos, drawings from the the boys, 4x6 cards from the project life midnight core kit and a quote card from elise (found here). tate is really into the "king pig" from angry birds and has learned how to draw it all by himself. a budding artist at 3.5 years old...quinn drew an angry bird star wars picture. i love his little fingerprint smudge on the bottom of this card. at first the perfectionist in me wanted him to start over, but then i saw the charm in this little mark. and i know i'll adore it even more as he gets bigger.

week 27

left side: our week in review card and all iphone photos. (i've been on a bit of a big camera burn out lately. the only exception this week was my fourth of july sparkler photos below that i did take with the big camera.) my monthly stamp to mark the beginning of july, quinn drawing at his new desk and tate "reading" + relaxing. quinn making angry bird star wars characters out of melty beads. he did this all from his own imagination because they don't make templates for these. i just love his creativity. this photo template is from the simply white collection v1. a summertime treat and some words the boys are saying lately.

right side:  a photo of me where i am standing, my new ipad mini (love!) and a photo of me and the boys.

documenting the little things that are happening in our world. i know this card about cardboard boxes might seem boring to most people, but it will always be a reminder to me + mark about this time when quinn is so excited to find a cardboard box of any kind so that he can turn it into some star wars creation. i cut down a picture quinn drew of the four ninja turtles with mask stickers. now when he saw this page, he was not happy that i had cut his picture! oops. i'm sure he'll forgive me one day when he sees his drawing lovingly tucked inside this album instead of never to be seen in the bottom of a box in the attic.a little weekly collage of random iphone photos from the week. i just love including these little moments from our week. pictures can tell so many stories. this photo template is from the simply white collection v1.

insert: this week was the fourth of july, so i added a 6x12 design h photo pocket page insert to hold the photos from our day. the american flag card is from the digital project life holiday mini-kit. (the project life cards are rounded, so i enlarged this to print as a square.) these black + white sparkler photos were taken with my big camera. the rest of the photos were taken with my iphone as i enjoyed the day. and this is how the insert looks in my weekly pages.

week 28

left side: our week in review card, a baby iguana i found on the sidewalk, quinn trying on clothes in the dressing room for the first time when we were buying his school uniforms and pool photos.quinn on his new giant duck pool float that my sister gave him for an early birthday present and something tate said. love this photo of tate floating in the pool. it is the end of the pool safety thing we called "sharkey" because he started swim lessons this week - and was swimming by day three! again, i can't say enough about how much i love my waterproof camera (canon powershot d10). the shots might now be perfect, but these are photos i never would have captured before. kinda wish i had some photos of me swimming as a little girl. iphone shot of me and the boys in their new car seats. just documenting the changes in our everyday life that would go unnoticed. this is how we ride in our car everyday we me driving everywhere and the boys watching movies and drawing. (this new template coming soon in the simply white collection v3.)this is how i documented about the boys progress with swimming lessons. this photo template is from the simply white collection v2.

right side: tate playing with his angry birds toys, the boys blowing bubbles in the pool, documenting real life when my dad got sick (he is fine and we are grateful!) and our weekly photo collage.   we saw so much change in tate this week at 3.5 years old so i just had to write it down. and a photo of him after eating my mom's this photo of quinn's desk and the notebook that he has been filling up the pages with all of his drawings. i added the words on this photo in photoshop. apparently i did such a good job that when quinn saw this photo in our project life album, he got mad because he thought i wrote in his book!

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my project life pages were created with these supplies:

the simply white photo collage template collection v1 + v2

the week in review basics journaling set

project life photo pocket pages design a

project life photo pocket pages design h