project life 2013 | weeks 7 + 8

week 7:  valentine's day week. cookies. stories. life. left side:  our week in review card, valentine heart cookies the boys made, valentine's day decorations, preschool party and a iphone photo of the boys.  i love this journaling card with how tate says happy valentine's day and the iphone photo of the kitchen table decorated for valentine's day morning. i cannot recall for the life of me where i found the cute valentine heart printable!photos of the preschool party heart shaped pizza and quinn's star wars valentine's cards that we made with glow bracelets on a 4x6 photo. right side: photos of the boys at the park, a visit from some family, me in the rare cold day down here and our weekly instagram collage photos.simple journaling cards with some cute little comments from quinn this week.

a 4x6 card with three small iphone photos from my parent's anniversary dinner. (and i'm still having some issues with costco printing to my exact dimensions so they don't crop off the white border around my photos.) insert (front):  i added an insert this week. it is a project life 8.5 x 11 page protector with a valentine's card quinn made at preschool on one side.insert (back):  on the back of this insert, i slipped in a drawing from quinn and some other valentine's cards. week 8:  this has been a star wars costume week for the boys. quinn and i had the milk battle of 2013 and more park days for everyone.

left side: iphone park photos, a journaling card describing what i have dubbed as the milk battle of 2013 (which ended up with us calling a truce and quinn agreeing to eat green beans instead of drinking milk) and some more star wars costume photos. love this iphone photo of tate taken with his cape tucked in the back of his shirt and blowing in the wind on the swing at the park. another instagram moment captured in words and a photo in the pages of project life.a photo of tate's current favorite sneakers and a little 3x4 collage of photos of all the places the star wars costumes have been this week.right side:  quinn sleeping during our milk battle, my new mug (and a cute story about it here), a gift from mark, some me time, tate's sick night and a little letter i wrote to quinn about how i love to watch him watching baby looney tunes on the ipad - just so i could capture how i feel about him at this exact moment in time. a sweet photo i captured of tate looking at our project life album as i was on a chair taking photos of the album for my blog post. i just love how he is in his clone trooper costume.

insert:  this is the insert i made for my january day in the life photos. i followed along with ali edwards and documented the last day in january. i took a lot of photos this day.  i made my own template so i could fit as many photos as possible. i kept it simple and just added a little comment about all the things we did that day on the front and back. i sized them as 6x12 and slipped it into a project life 6x12 page protector using both the front and back. ali has some beautiful day in the life templates too.

i originally planned to do a day in the life on the last day of each month, but i overwhelmed myself just a bit with all the photos i took. so i've since decided to do a 15 on the 15th photo project each month with my friend rhonda instead so i can limit myself to just 15 photos taken on the 15th of each month. i am working on my february insert now.

i used my iphone for all of these january day in the life photos. i do hope to challenge myself and use my big camera for my 15 on the 15th project from time to time.