project life 2013 | weeks 9 + 10

i'm doing it. i'm keeping up with my weekly project life pages. for me keeping it simple and getting it done are my focus. and i mean this in the best way. i totally enjoy the whole process of putting together my weekly project life pages. from taking the photos to writing down the stories that i want to remember. giving myself the gift of time to sit down at the computer to edit and order my photos and putting it all together when i pick up the photos from costco. it is a memory keeping process that is just a part of my everyday life now. even my husband has knows how project life fits into our family. when i tell him a funny story about the kids, he asks me if i wrote it down in project life. um, you betcha. week 9

left side:  journaling printed on a photo of quinn, a march calendar card for the beginning of a new month, mark holding tate while he covers his ears at a high school lacrosse game, iphone photos of me + the boys making chex muddy buddies on one 4x6 photo and the boys in chapel at quinn's preschool.

i used another one of ali edward’s hello life stamps for the this week journaling card. i just love these stamps! i also included a photo of quinn's preschool. sometimes we forget to take photos of the things we do and see everyday. i wanted a photo of the school building so the boys could see where they went to preschool someday. (tate will be starting here in the fall.)

right side: everyday lego play, some small photos in black + white and a weekly iphone photo collage. an iphone photo of my boys and their cousin playing in my parent's car - and my thoughts on this photo. simple words from the boys printed on journaling cards. i don't want to forget these little things that are so much a part of our days now.

week 10

left side: a sunset light saber battle, little iphone moments from the week, quinn coloring ducks in his new easter coloring book with some text printed on the photo.

right side: makeing duck cookies, puzzle time and my weekly iphone photo collage. a small collage on one 4x6 photo. a cute story + a photo of tate.quinn + his duck artwork at preschool and a journaling card with a little something quinn says these days.

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