project life 2014 | week 18

i'm trying to decide what to do with all of the extra photos that i take every week that don't make it into my project life pages. i view project life as our family journal where i document what we do each week - big and small things. some weeks i have just a few photos to work with and other weeks i have more photos than i can fit on a page. i don't want to cram all of the photos i take into our project life pages, but i don't want these photos and memories to be left on my computer either. so i've been thinking about what exactly i want to do with all of my extra photos. right now, i'm leaning towards making a simple yearly family photo book that contains all of the best photos that i take. i'm also working on yearly photo books for each of the boys (like the one i made for quinn's 4th year). what i'm realizing is that i need to come up with a plan to get these pages made. talking about making these pages is one thing, but actually getting them done is another.

i've always wanted to make a yearly family photo book but i've never been able to find the time to do it. sound familiar? well, i've never had an actual plan on how to get the photo book done. so after thinking about this, i've finally come up with a plan. i'm going to start with this month. and then i'm going to make pages each month going forward. if i try to go back to january, i'll never get a system in place and i'll be empty handed at the end of this year for sure.

my biggest obstacle to making photo books is picking which pictures to use. i go through files filled with photos over and over again unable to decide which photos to use. i'm usually overwhelmed by all of the photos and i end up doing nothing. so now i'm going to try to follow a simple plan... each week, i sort through my photos for project life and add the photos i want to use into my weekly project life smart collection folder in lightroom. well, in the spirit of being efficient, what better time to also drag and drop the photos from that week that don't make it into project life, but that i do want to add to our family photo book right into another smart collection folder in lightroom? and i can do the same with adding photos of the boys to their own smart collection folder for their yearly books. then all i have to do is collect the photos from these folders and make my monthly pages and pages for the boy's yearly books. only go through the photos once. this will save me time and a little bit of my sanity too.

i'll let you know how this goes as i try to put it in place this month.

now, onto my weekly project life pages...

week 18

this week we went on a family trip to the beach in naples, florida for a few days to celebrate mark's 40th birthday and our anniversary (which was the following week). i included our weekly journaling card, some black + white photos of the boys, a photo of tate sleeping on my shoulder (something he doesn't do very much anymore), our favorite pasta dinner that i made, a "40" journaling card and family photo from mark's birthday dinner. i also included a really big image of my favorite photo of mark and the boys at sunset on the beach (taken with my iphone 5) and two smaller photos from our trip on the other page.

digital project life + simply white photo collage templates ==> project life + simply white photo collage templates ==> project life + simply white photo collage templates ==>

i created two extra insert pages that i will print right after week 18 in my project life photo book. i wanted to add more photos from our trip to naples so i used a 12x12 template from my simply white the squares v2 collection and a 12x12 template from my simply white life pages v3 collection (just released!).

digital project life + simply white photo collage templates ==> project life + simply white photo collage templates ==> project life + simply white photo collage templates ==>

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my project life pages were created with these supplies:

simply white life pages

simply white photo collage template collection

week in review basics journaling set

simply white – the squares v2