project life 2014 | week 23

i love how fast my digital pages come together. the immediacy of seeing my finished pages on my computer screen makes me so happy. i thought i'd miss seeing my boys flip through our album like they did when i was doing a physical album, but it is okay. they still get to see our weekly pages on my computer. they come and sit on my lap and we look at our pages together. memories + stories still documented. week 23

this week was the last week of kindergarten for quinn. i added journaling on the photo from his early birthday celebration at school. i also included photos from his end of the year awards and a first and last day of kindergarten comparison photo (using my simply white collection v1). there was also some reading at sam's club, playing with trains, tate's new favorite stuffed friend, water slide photos and a pool photo.

i scanned some of quinn's pokemon drawings and a note he wrote me about tate. (when he wrote this note and told me what it said i wrote down what he said on a post-it note and put it on the back of his note. that was how i was able to figure out what it said so long after he wrote it.) i also used some more word art like "this week" from ali edwards, "good times" from paislee press and the camera from cathy zielske.

digital project life + simply white photo collage templates ==> project life + simply white photo collage templates ==> project life + simply white photo collage templates ==>

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