project life 2014 | week 9

hello week 9! i am such a creature of habit that i always, always, always use the same design templates for my project life pages. but this week i got the itch to change things up a little bit. i had lots of  photos that told little stories that i wanted to record, so played with my page templates and made lots of little 3x4 openings. this really is outside of my comfort zone and it makes me a little bit nervous to be honest. but i do like the variety it gives my pages and yet the look is still simple + cohesive with all of my beloved white space! (i used the 3x4 digital photo collage templates from my simply white collection v4.)

change is good and this was fun. so i'm thinking that i will be adventurous with my page layouts again. isn't the whole point tell your story in your own way? done.

week 9

this week included passport photos and outtakes of the boys, painting + crafting, football, pictures of the boys together and i even got in photos of me and mark.

one night when tate was not sleeping because he took a late nap (fun times!), i overheard him talking to himself on the monitor. i wrote down some of the things he was saying and put them on a 3x4 card. i remember when quinn did this at the same age, but i wasn't journaling with project life, so i don't have the things he says written down. oh how i wish i did... another reason to love project life. i am capturing the little things that i want to remember.

digital project life + simply white photo collage templates ==> project life + simply white photo collage templates ==> project life + simply white photo collage templates ==>

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my project life pages were created with these supplies:

simply white photo collage template collection

week in review basics journaling set

cathy zielske’s life basics no. 01 templates