project life | june 2012

now that i have been working on project life and diligently recording our everyday memories with words and photos, i am becoming more aware of a new desire to focus a bit more on the design element. i want to take my love of white space + simplicity and weave it into some type of visual design element that is pleasing to look at as i flip though the pages of my project life. i am not there yet. i still have a lot to learn. but i am drawing inspiration from the many project lifers who post their own design and pages weekly. in becoming more aware, i can grow and learn myself. i am excited to see my project life journal evolve. i will still remain true to my love of photos + stories first. but now i am ready to make it all come together in a clean + simple design with a plan. more catching up with project life. here is june 2012...

week 23:  this week was filled with lots of stories and staycation photos. i had lots of iphone photos, so i used two instagram 4x6 photo templates.i included a cute thing quinn said one day and a photo of me right after getting a haircut. i had quite a few pool photos to choose from this week. and i love the quote card i found on pinterest (it is pinned on my project life board).

week 24: this was a regular summer week. we spent lots of time in the pool, as always. it was also father's day so there are some photos of the boys with mark and eating cake at nona + papa's house.

i included a printable no 1 dad card and some photos of the boys eating lunch outside after a swim. i helped quinn fill out a father's day questionnaire and we printed it for mark. i put it in an 8.5 x 11 page protector and slipped it in this week.

week 25:  this week mark and i went to austin, texas for a few days to go to a friend's wedding. it was the first time that we got away together without the boys since before tate was born. it was so strange being away from them, but it was nice to relax and catch up with friends. i did manage to include some photos from the beginning of the week with the boys and a story about taking tate to his first movie theater show.

i knew there would be lots of photos, so i wanted to balance it out with a simple card saying austin, texas. and there is a shot of my husband, the best man at the wedding. i just love all of the instagram photos from our trip too.

week 26: this week's layout was a little different. maybe i was just a bit too burned out from all the photos i took on our trip to austin last week, but i didn't really pick up my camera much this week. except for a little photo session swap with my friend and fellow photographer, ali. we agreed to photograph each other with our kids - just a mom + kid photo shoot. (you can see my photos here and the photos i took of ali and her kids here.) so i filled this week with the photos that ali took of me + the boys, along with some that i took of my boys that day after our session was over. and of course there is always my weekly instagram 4x6 photo collage - all taken with my iphone.

this week i got a little adventurous and went big and bold for one of my favorite photos of me and the boys. inspired by elise, i printed my photo big and cut it to fit in the pockets on half of the first page. since i have no patience in ordering the correct size from an online lab, i sized the photo to 6 x 12 and then increased the canvas size in photoshop so i could order it from my local sam's club as an 11 x 14 print. then i just cut it to fit in the four pockets. thankfully it fit perfectly and i did not end up cutting off any important parts of the photo. i love how this came out and will try this again for sure. i also used a pretty colored printable filler card i found for free on pinterest. the photos of the boys i took after our session with ali when we stopped for a frozen yogurt treat. the light was just so yummy behind tate so i just had to take a few more photos.

what is project life? check out this fun video to find out more. want to read more about my project life? just click here. please share a link to your project life. i'd love to see how your document your project life.