project life | october + november 2012

  they are finished! my project life pages for october + november. i am all caught up and ready for the photo overload that is december. i feel like this month is going to pass in a blur... there is a little thing called christmas break from preschool, lots of pinterest holiday crafts to be made with the boys, cookies to be baked, gifts to be wrapped, christmas movies to be watched and lots + lots of photos to be taken and edited.

so now i am wrapping up the last few weeks of project life 2012 and preparing for project life 2013. (was there any doubt that i would be continuing this? it just never gets old. never ever.)

here are my pages:

week  40: a new month and everyday life documented. i love the photo of mark and quinn in their braves jerseys. i finally finished our week in the life book and it arrived from blurb this week, so i added a photo of the side of the book. (click here to see the book - one of my most favorite things i did this year, after project life!)

i started becky higgins' project real life class this week, so i used a 3x4 welcome card that came with the project real life class cards. the photo next to this card is tate sitting with me as i watched the first video from project real life.

week 41: pumpkin patch photos this week and a family trip for tate's first time at the bowling alley. and of course, there is my weekly instagram grid card and some funny things the boys said.

week 42:  farm day at quinn's preschool and some pumpkins that are decorating our house right now.

i printed a screenshot of the itunes graphic for the theme song for ninjago (the latest lego crazy my boys are totally into) and a few words about how we have it on repeat in the mini-van. i also added a journaling card with five things i'm grateful for this week (i pulled it from the gratitude journal app on my iphone).

week 43:  more baseball, warm weather and early trick or treating over the weekend.

my weekly instagram grid and our homemade pizza.

week 44:  halloween week. my ninjago boys, halloween quotes and roasted pumpkin seeds. tate looking at our project life album and the boys in the mini-van. (oh how i would love to see a photo of me and my sisters in the back seat of my parent's brown thunderbird!)

i love the "trit-r-treak" card so much! this is how tate said trick or treat. it was so cute.

this is an insert i added with the blog post i wrote about the fiasco that was our pumpkin carving printed on a 4x6 card along with some of my favorite photos.

week 45:  little moments captured this week - washing the car with dad, making cookies, sleeping in the car, more baseball and a visit to a little local church carnival.

i also added two journaling cards with some things the boys have been saying lately. i don't want to forget these words.

week 46:  this week i got my new iphone 5 and i took every single photo i printed this week with it. we went to a big county fair and it was so great to use my iphone instead of carrying around my big camera. i turned my weekly instagram grid card into two cards filled with photos from the fair. i even handed my brand new iphone to a very nice police man walking around the fair and asked him to take a family photo so i could be in at least one photo that night.

the boys helped paint leaves for a thanksgiving project and i added one of the extra leaves (which is backed by one of my project real life cards which i'm inserting between each week in my project life binder). there is a text message about potty training  and an angry bird star wars app icon that the boys now love to play.

week 47:  thanksgiving day family photo, muffins quinn and i made, hanging christmas lights and some early celebrating for my birthday.

i printed the thankful banner (from Ali Edwards) onto a white 3x4 card - and i love it. i also added an instagram photo of me and my sister. we are always the last two eating - because we spend all of our time getting our kids everything they need.

this is me handing my iphone to my sister so i could be in a photo with my boys. and this is one of the pecan pie muffins we made for thanksgiving dessert.

since the whole family was together on thanksgiving day, i took a big family photo with my tripod. my sister used my camera to snap a few of me, mark and the boys too. i put all of these photos into a little insert this week.

week 48:  happy 40th birthday to me! and i celebrated with a sick boy at home from preschool all week long. the holiday decorating began and we met our new family friend, stiller the elf. this week i added some journaling cards stamped with ali edwards' sentiment boxes. i just love the simplicity of these holiday designs + words.


project life is a simplified system of memory keeping created by becky higgins. click here to view all of my project life posts.