the simply white collection q + a

a few questions + answers about the simply white collection of photo collage templates...

i am new to photoshop. how do i use the simply white templates? you can use these templates in photoshop or photoshop elements. click here to visit cathy zielske’s blog to view a fantastic video tutorial on using a layered digital template. and that is just what the simply white templates are. {and while you are on cathy's blog, check out everything she does - i love her clean + simple style!}

why did you include a template with a white border for a 4x6 photo in the simply white collection - v1? i like my photos to be printed with the exact dimensions that i crop them. what i found was that all of the ways to add a boarder onto photos in photoshop actually chopped off the outside of the photos in order to add the boarder but still keep it sized as a 4x6. so i made a simple template that fits a 4x6 photo (or a 2:3 cropping ratio) inside without losing any of the photo. there might be an easier way to do this, but i have not found it. for me, this is what works. and because it is a template that i use each week, i included it in the simply white collection - v1.

you can also click here to find out more about aspect ratios + cropping.

how do you print your photos? anything with a picture on it is printed at my local costco. this includes just photos and photos + journaling together. anything that is just words is printed on my printer at home.

can you explain the cutting guide on the 4x6 templates included in the simply white collection - v1? there are two templates (#6 and #7) in the simply white collection - v1 that have a cutting guide line. you can choose to keep the cutting guide line visible when you print as a 4x6 photo and then cut it to fit in the 3x4 photo pockets for project life or you can turn off the cutting guide line layer and print as a full 4x6 photo. it is your choice.

can i change these templates to reflect my own style? you certainly can! i simply adore white space, so i choose to always use white as my background color for these templates. but you can change the background color or add in some digital paper to put your own twist on these templates. have fun with these templates and make them your own!

will you be releasing more photo templates? absolutely! stay tuned....