the week in review basics set q + a

some questions + answers about the week in review basics journaling card set... how many different designs are included in the week in review basics set? there are three different boarder options/designs - one with a color bar on the top and bottom, one with a color bar around all four sides and one without the color bar.

also, within these three boarder options, you can choose to journal your week with or without the days of the week printed within the text layer.

can you explain why there are two different file sizes of each week in review design? the week in review basics set comes with both a 4x6 file and a full page 8.5x11 file for each boarder design. there are two different file sizes for different printing options.

how do you use the 4x6 file to print? i have included a 4x6 file for those who like to arrange more than one journaling card onto an 8.5x11 paper to print. you simply copy + paste more than one 4x6 journaling card onto a blank 8.5x11 document, print and trim.

how do you use the full page files to print? i have also included a full page file that has the 4x6 journaling card design on a full 8.5x11 sized file. this allows you to print individual journaling cards. when i first started project life, i found the best explanation of how to print individual journaling cards in this post on paislee press. she explains it so well and it is the only method i have used for printing my project life journaling cards.

my journaling cards are not printing out correctly. can you help? you might find that your journaling cards are printing too big for the 4x6 cards and not fitting with in the print guide. be sure to check the printer settings as described below.

how do you change the color of the cards? simply pick a new color, then click on the layer with the color bar or the frame color (depending on which template design you choose) and use the paint bucket tool to change the color.

can i change the font + text color in these templates? yes. you can use any font and any color of text that you would like.


have anymore questions? please let me know...