these days | april 2013

thinking that i did something right because mark took over 100 photos on his trip to the masters practice round with quinn. he gets it. this documenting life thing.

wishing for a longer spring and more time before the heat + humidity of south florida sets in - which has already happened.

registering quinn for kindergarten and tate for his first year of preschool in the fall. what ever will i do with a few hours to myself during the week?

wondering why tate is falling asleep in the car on the way to get quinn from school. he gave up his naps already. i guess he is growing again.

filling my shopping cart + my refrigerator with lots of fruits + vegetables. yum.

wrapping up quinn's class yearbook project and getting ready for preschool graduation in a few weeks.

starting to plan out things to do with the boys this summer. there will be lots of beach days ahead.

celebrating that my dad is just days away from finishing his prostate cancer treatment. this means that my parents will be coming back home next week!

finally letting tate's hair grow out just in time to cut it short again for the summer.

cooking some new recipes with lots more healthy + nutritious ingredients. and posting some of them on my blog.

cheering for quinn as he plays on his first basketball team.

trying to figure out how to make my own mix of gluten-free flours to create the perfect waffles. gluten-free baking is so confusing!