these days | april 2014

these days | april 2014  ==>> day 2014 ==> enjoying that quinn's spring basketball games are inside this season. the heat is already rising down here and we are just not ready for it yet.

soaking up the conversations that tate has with everyone. he just talks so much these days. my little boy is growing up fast and i want to remember all of him right now.

getting back in the pool with the boys. yes, it is that time of year already.

loving that quinn and i are keeping up with his nightly question in this book. he asks me to read his question before his story.

recovering from an awful sinus infection brought on by this crazy "pollen vortex". yuck.

trying to take some time for myself everyday. it's hard when you are always needed by some very important little boys.

working on getting up earlier each day so we aren't rushing out of the house for school. this is so hard because i am just not a morning person.

pinching myself because i can hardly believe that quinn tired and liked sauteed spinach!

listening to elise's podcasts. i love creative people who share. they are the best.