these days | august 2013

settling into a new routine now that both of the boys are in school. quinn started kindergarten and tate started preschool. that means time for me a few hours each week - hooray!

playing catch-up with all the things that i didn't have the time to do over the summer.

needing to pick up my big camera more. i miss it some days.

melting in the florida heat. the summer felt pretty mild, but now the heat + humidity has fully arrived. and it will probably be here until about december. oh joy.

falling behind on burning all of my photos to dvd and getting them off my computer hard drive. this is a constant project that i just can't seem to get completed.

loving how tate wants to be just like his big brother so he is trying to draw pictures with markers.

hoping that quinn learns how to keep his new desk organized. he is such a messy artist. but oh how i love his creative side.

wishing i had a garden. i do have a thriving basil plant outside, so perhaps one day i could try to grow a few more things.

disliking the 6 am walk-up for school. i am not, never have been and never will be a morning person.

listening to all the things tate tells me about preschool when i pick him up. quinn would never tell me anything about preschool.

cleaning + reorganizing the house. i'm on a crazy mission. kind of like spring cleaning in the fall. goodbye clutter.

wondering where the summer went...