these days | december 2012

cleaning up after all of the holiday festivities. it is amazing how many pieces can come in one single lego set. and my boys got way more than one lego set from santa...

feeling the need to do some spring cleaning + goal setting for the new year.

loving the new rachael ray kitchen gifts i got from my sister. i love kitchen things!

sorting through all of my holiday photos and wishing they would magically edit themselves.

picking up ornaments from the floor under the christmas tree. tate thinks it is so much fun to take the ornaments off of our tree...

getting tired of saying how slow my computer is working because it is full to capacity with too many photos. so i am burning dvds of all of my 2012 photos and moving them to an external hard drive. (please, please, please do yourself a favor and have a good backup plan!) i really need to do the entire year instead of one month at a time until i need more storage.

wishing that someone would come and take down all of my holiday decorations for me.

writing down all of my thoughts on paper. it is amazing how much more organized my head feels by writing out my to do list in a cute spiral notebook and crossing things off when they are completed.

planning out some fun project for next year.

drinking hot chocolate and pretending that the air conditioner is not running every day here in florida.

hugging my boys extra tight in light of the 26 beautiful lives lost a few weeks ago at sandy hook elementary school. every mom in the world's heart broke on that day. and we will never be the same.

looking forward a little family trip for tate's 3rd birthday in january.

preparing for another year of project life. this makes me really, really happy.

dreaming big for the new year ahead!