these days | february 2013

planting some tiny seeds. i've always wanted to grow my own fruit + vegetable garden. so i figured i would start with a few herbs and a teeny tiny four leaf clover kit from the dollar spot at target. it has been three days and we have itty bitty sprouts!

complaining a lot about the heat down here in florida. i don't wish to live in snow everyday in the winter, but if we could just keep it out of the 80s down here...

trying to figure out a system that works for me to get all of my to do's done each day. paper or computer. i'm so confused!

enjoying some me time thanks to a nice little routine with my husband that allows me a few hours on thursday mornings. i have found myself at target + starbucks these past few weeks.

losing my mind over tate's napping these days. some days he desperately needs a nap and has even been falling asleep on the way to get quinn from preschool. (something he hasn't done in a very long time!) and some days he refuses to nap. either way i end up with a cranky little boy who is not getting enough sleep at night. i hope this works itself out soon for everyone's sake.

looking back at our project life album from this time last year and comparing how different life is already and how big the boys are getting. happy + sad. but love that i have these memories documented.

thinking about ways to get my kids to eat some more fruits and vegetables. they are the pickiest eaters!

getting ready to start a little list project for the month of march. it is all about me. i just want to get a bit more of me and my story documented. it is so easy to focus on the kids all of the time.

sleeping much better now that i have stopped drinking caffeine. i never thought it effected my sleep, but i was totally wrong. as soon as i gave it up i started going to sleep a lot earlier. and we are all benefiting from mom having a good night's rest.

wanting to see the movie the impossible. i had not even heard of it until i saw that naomi watts was nominated for an oscar for her role in the movie.