these days | february 2014

these days february 2014 ==> these day 2014 ==>

reading the captain underpants book series with quinn. he loves these books and begs me to read "just one more chapter... pleeeaaseee!" how can i say no?

picking my battles with tate and letting him wear his favorite football jerseys, shorts and long socks that go over his knees to school. he just wants to look like a football player. i love his independent spirit. and he picks out mostly matching outfits.

watching the winter olympics and loving the figure skating the best - as always. it is great to see how quinn is really paying attention to the different sports and wants to go to the snow and try out the snowboarding. we don't have that down here in florida.

recovering from some ankle and foot injuries, but not giving up on my workout challenge. i'm just modifying and moving forward. and sleeping better too.

enjoying some beautiful days mixed in with way too many hot days for the month of feburary. i'm a little jealous of the polar vortex that is going on in the rest of the country. i'd better be careful for what i wish for because the grass is always greener, huh?

singing our own version of the lego movie song with the boys... "everything is quinn-quinn, everything is tate-tate, everything is mommy, everything is daddy!"

spending time outside with the boys. they just love, love, love playing football together these days. their favorite is playing the seminoles vs. the cowboys.

working on project "finish up my unfinished projects" and trying not to start any new creative endeavors until i have completed some projects that i love and really want to get done.

wrapping up a crazy month. mark finished a month long real estate class and we are all happy that it is over.