these days | january 2013

getting more organized for a fresh start to my year. it is a slow + steady process. drawer by drawer. room by room. clearing out the unnecessary. feels so good. slowing down and enjoying life a bit more.

thinking about my one little word.

taking my vitamins everyday - thanks to the new gummy vitamins for adults. (i'm just not big on swallowing pills.)

sleeping 7 - 8 hours a night. this is an effort for me since i am a night owl. hoot hoot.

watching tate play every single kind of bowling game he can - with big pins, little tiny pins, the bowling app on the iphone, watching bowling videos on the ipad, making wooden blocks into bowling pins and getting creative with setting up crayons and knocking them over with his little cars.

reading a good book all over again. this time with a highlighter. women, food and god.

trying to get my boys to eat more healthy food. this is such a hard process. hello picky eaters!

playing referee between quinn + tate. they just love to bug each other all the time which leads to lots of screaming.

figuring out how not to be late to preschool. this was not a problem until quinn started taking forever to eat his breakfast.

catching up on this season of ncis.

going back and making a digital project life album for 2011. i have two months completed so far and i am so thrilled!

making an effort to pick up my big camera a little more this month. need to get out of my photo funk.