these days | july 2013

loving that tate is now a swimmer! the boys took lessons and tate picked it up in three days. quinn learned a few new strokes too. my little fish.

enjoying the last few weeks of summer and hoping to get in a few more things from our summer bucket list - like bowling and golf with dad for the boys.

smiling because quinn has turned into a little artist. he has spent most of this month drawing, coloring, painting and creating things out of cardboard boxes. he has also discovered melty beads and makes his own creations - like angry bird star wars characters. love his imagination + creativity!

kicking it into high gear with potty training. i let things slide this summer and now i think we are all ready for this to be over. so we are getting it done.

riding my bike. i finally got it together enough to make time to go out for a ride when i can. just me, some music + time to breathe.

shopping for school supplies + school uniforms. yes, i'm a planner and i like to be prepared.

trying to figure out just exactly how tate can get his blocks and angry bird toy pieces into the crazy and uneven towers that look just like they do on the angry birds app without them falling over. he is so stubborn determined.

planning quinn's 6th birthday party. he is obsessed with angry birds right now (tate too), but he still wants a ninja turtle party. go figure.

wishing that all of this rain would just go away. we are over it already.

hoping for some more time together with mark + the boys. he has been busy working all summer.

noticing how much tate has changed in the past few weeks. he just seems to have woken up one morning all grown up. no more booster seat at the kitchen table. lots more independent play. tons of new words. and he is communicating + comprehending so well. he is not a toddler anymore. he is officially a big boy. (or do i reserve that title for when potty training is successfully completed?)

reading a lot more on my new ipad mini. so far, i have managed to keep it away from the boys. hoping that doesn't change.