these days | june 2013

feeling like i should be doing more to keep up with all the things quinn learned in preschool so he doesn't forget everything and his brain turns to mush before august.

continuing to potty train tate. he is proving to me on every level that no two children are exactly alike. i get it tate. now please go pee in the potty like a big boy!

melting in the florida heat. it has arrived and will be here until at least december. oh joy.

reading to the boys every night before bed. so glad we do this.

planning quinn's 6th birthday party. six already? whaaa!!!

enjoying not having to be awake and out the door by 8 am for school. now if only my boys would sleep in past 7 am.

wishing there were more hours in my days to get more projects completed. there is so much i want to do and yet not enough time to get it all done.

looking forward to the new disney planes movie. i can't wait to take the boys. i know they will love it.

planning some beach days with the boys. it is crazy that we live so close to the beach and yet we don't get there very often.

starting the phone photography project on july 1st. are you taking it too?

getting sentimental as i look back at old photos of the boys while i work on putting them into photo books. it is about time that they all get printed.

loving how creative tate is when he plays with his wooden blocks. he has made a basketball court, a playground, an angry birds set up and a house. it is amazing to see how his little mind works.


(the photo above was taken with my underwater canon powershot d10. i love this camera to pieces and always have it on my wrist in the pool during the summer.)