these days | march 2013

making duck cookies with quinn. he has a crazy cute obsession with ducks so i bought these spring cookie cutters at target and we made duck cookies. tate loved helping out too but his favorite part was driving his cars through the flour on the table.

crawling out of a blogging + photography funk. i'm ready for spring and a fresh start to april.

rediscovering my love of cooking + food by focusing on quality ingredients - like real dark chocolate. the kind you buy that says the percentage of cacao on the label. heaven.

going gluten-free for me and the boys. it is time for this change and it is certainly a process. but we are enjoying focusing on what  we can eat instead of what we cannot.

reading more books and loving the time i get to slow down.

shopping with tate and his "red cart" that he loves to bring in the store with me so he can be a helper. it often slows me down, but he is so sweet that i just plan for the extra time so i can enjoy him being three and wanting to do this with me. i know this will not last forever.

learning so much about food dyes and behavior issues in children. we said good-bye to food dyes (especially red dye #40) and have had a much better month of march. it is amazing what you find when you really dig into what is in the foods you eat.

attending parent orientation for kindergarten - already?!

enjoying some unexpected visits from good friends that live far away. oh how we all miss them.

listening to quinn read. yes, he has learned to read in preschool and i am such a proud mom.

looking forward to easter + spring break. and a little road trip.