these days | may 2014

these days may 2014 ==> saying good-bye to kindergarten and pre-k 3. the school year is over already! hello summer...

planning some summer fun with the boys. only 9 weeks of summer break to pack in all of our summer activities.

preparing for a big family trip in a 2 weeks. we are all so excited!

loving all of the fresh berries that are in season. too bad my boys and mark won't eat them, but then that leaves more for me.

searching for a few good books to read on our trip. not that i really think i'll have time to read with two kids around, but i'm hopeful...

cleaning out the boy's rooms and getting rid of toys and clothes that they have outgrown. i'm getting a little sentimental about it. i no longer have any toddlers in my house. tate insists that he is a big boy now - and he really is.

trying to figure out how to get the boy's rooms to stay clean.

reading words to tate all the time. everywhere we go, he asks me "what does that spell?" as he points to words. i love that he is so into letters and words. i think he is ready to skip his last year of preschool and go right to kindergarten!

watching parenthood on netflix. this is one of the best tv series that i have seen in a really long time. so real and honest.

putting together all of the boy's school work and art for their school yearbooks that i'm going to make for them this summer. it is on my list and it will.get.done.

looking forward to turning off my 6am alarm clock for the summer and hoping that the boys will start sleeping in. they must get their early riser habits from mark because i am not a morning person.

finishing up quinn's basketball season. he had so much fun playing with his friends this year.