these days | november 2012

recovering from a week of having a sick 5 year old at home. he has been out of school for two weeks now and i think we are both excited for him to go back to school on monday.

decorating the house inside and out for the holidays. the boys insisted on colored lights on our tree. i'm partial to white lights, but i remember how much i loved multicolored lights when i was little.

getting sentimental as i unwrap all of the ornaments from past christmases. from my childhood, our family ornaments and the ones i exchange every year with my two dear friends that i have known for 27 years now.

scouring pinterest and instagram for inspiration for a month long visit from our new elf on the shelf friend, stiller the elf. (named after ben stiller's elf character in elmo's christmas countdown thanks to quinn.) tomorrow he will arrive with a special advent calendar for the boys.

trying to keep tate from opening packages in the shopping cart. this is his new little trick.

preparing my own version of ali edwards' december daily project. i will tell one little story a day and snap a photo to go along with it. i'm putting it in the back of my project life binder.

loving my new iphone 5! happy birthday to me. i cannot say enough how much i love the camera and the processing speed at which i can edit and share photos on my phone. it is amazing. and was totally worth the wait.

cooking less and re-heating leftovers and fast dinners a bit more than usual. i got out of my good dinner preparation routine. need to get back on track.

putting little weapons in the hands of lego mini figures about 55 times a day. tate can't quite put these pieces together and all i hear is "mom, hands!"

ordering new project life supplies (i'm going with this pretty white binder) for next year - which is just weeks away.

shopping online for the boy's christmas presents. they are all about lego star wars, lego ninjago and angry birds star wars this year.

watching the boy's favorite holiday shows - a charlie brown christmas, mickey's twice upon a christmas, frosty the snowman and elmo's christmas countdown.

hoping for some more cooler weather to really get us in the christmas spirit.

wondering how tate grew up so fast. his vocabulary has exploded and now he has lots and lots of words. he can clearly communicate with us. except for the times when he gets frustrated and yells. those are fun times.

anticipating quinn's part in the preschool christmas program. he is going to be a duck. they did say non-traditional manger animals were welcome.

wishing we could get a real christmas tree, but being okay with the fake one that we have. i know a real tree would require watering and sweeping of pine needles. and the fake one we have is from my grandma, so it is special too.


what are you doing these days?