these days | october 2012

listening to the rain fall outside thanks to hurrican sandy that is making her way up the coast of florida and has cancelled school tomorrow. hello three day weekend.

getting inspired by the latest video from my project real life class. love you becky higgins for all of the inspiration you have delivered in the first few weeks of this class.

wishing my boys would learn how to share. all the yelling and crying is making me crazy. someday, right?

enjoying the relief from the south florida heat - finally! we have had weather in the 70's. most days are still in the 80's but i'm not complaining.

cooking some new recipes thanks to pinterest and my crock pot. i made this last night and added a dollop of greek yogurt to my dish for a little added zing. and i can't wait to try this recipe soon.

smiling every time i hear tate say "pun-kin"- which is all the time these days.

yelling + screaming like a crazy mom at quinn's baseball games. yep, i've turned into one of "those" moms!

editing lots of photos and happily learning to let go of perfection and just get them done. everyday memories are not perfect anyway.

wondering where quinn's new fascination with ducks came from. he wants to color duck pictures, watch olivia and her ducklings (his favorite episode of olivia) and even get a pet duck. um, not gonna happen but we can feed the ducks that live in the lake near our house...

preparing for potty training. i can't wait to say good-bye to diapers forever!

keeping up with project life and still loving it to pieces 43 weeks in.

getting my little ninjas ready for halloween next week thanks to nona who made their costumes - just like she did for me and my sisters when we were little.