these days | october 2013

these days october 2013 ==> loving the wonderful, honest + inspiring blog posts by bree. oh how i connect with her thoughts so very much these days!

listening to one direction's song what makes you beautiful on repeat because tate loves it. he actually gets mad if any other song plays and screams "i don't like that one" until we get back to one direction's song.

laughing as i hear quinn singing one direction's song what makes you beautiful in the craft store because he hears it so much in the car!

reading again. right now it is the happiness project, the gifts of imperfection (to go along with oprah's e-course i'm taking) and seeing the everyday magazine. i have missed reading and i've been able to get back to it thanks to the extra time in the car pick-up line.

anticipating a long awaited trip to my college alma matter, floirda state universtiy, to take the kids to see a football game in november. it has been years since i've been back and i can't wait. there is nothing like college football in the fall. go seminoles!

watching the watch abc tv app on my ipad when i get up early every morning (downside to having kids in school) - this keeps me company as i get ready for my day. that and an early morning phone call to my sister.

gathering soup recipes. i love soup weather. and cooking!

sleeping a whole lot more. i committed to sleeping at least 7 hours a night at the beginning of this month and i've done pretty good with it. i'm definitely a kinder, happier + more patient person because of it. and who doesn't like sleep? i had to take some things off my never ending to do list, but admitting that i can't do it all and taking that pressure off my shoulders has made all the difference.

getting ready for the holidays. oh how i love the holidays and all that they bring - the crafting, the traditions, the lights, the food...

roasting pumpkin seeds. this is the best part of the pumpkin for me. keep your pumpkin lattes and pumpkin pie - give me salt + seeds.

joining the rest of the world in figuring out how hilarious modern family is! i'm a little late to the party, but the good thing is that all of the episodes are new to me and mark. we love to watch them together. i think we may relate a little too much to phil + claire...