these days | september 2013

these days september 2013 => wanting to get all of the photos i took for week in the life edited and my photo book finished, but i am taking a deep breath and reminding myself that this is a big project and it will take me some time. pace yourself tracy.

craving a good structured routine. this quote reminds me of why it is important: you will never change your life until you change something you do daily. the secret of your success is found in your daily routine.

getting sentimental as i see my boys growing + changing right before my eyes. quinn lost his first two teeth this month and tate moved into a big boy bed. saying good-bye to the crib that we got six years ago when i was pregnant with quinn was so bittersweet. so was seeing quinn lose those two teeth - the very first ones he got as a baby. *sigh*

loving the inside peek i get at quinn in his kindergarten classroom when i spend time working with all the students on the personal yearbook project. quinn is so sweet when i am there. he just keeps on hugging me and smiling.

listening to the abc song about a million times a day thanks to tate's utter obsession with all things letters. i hope he learns a new song soon...

learning patience in a really big way thanks to some major technical issues with my blog. there is nothing more frustrating than being a busy mom and wasting your precious time on the phone with no one helping you fix the problem. isn't insanity defined as doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results? then why won't anyone listen to me and fix the problem instead of telling me the same thing about it not being their issue? i am a mom with a blog and not a computer science expert! ugh!

making lemonade out of lemons as i try to put a positive spin on all of these blog issues. i am ready to evolve, change  + grow my blog in a way that feels authentic. i am excited about this.

registering for oprah's first e-course with brene brown. i love everything oprah. and brene brown is pretty awesome too.

shazaming music i hear on the radio and realizing that i really do like quite a few songs by rihanna. i also like mat kearney, phillip philips and taylor swift.

wishing we had a real fall here in florida. it is hot + rainy. and it will be this way until it cools off sometime in december.

saying goodbye to sleeping in on saturday mornings as quinn starts baseball. oh, who am i kidding - there is no sleeping in around here with my early bird kids! i'll be saying goodbye to not getting up and dressed at the crack of dawn. i'll still be awake before 7 am every saturday.