this is real life...

keeping it real ==> i want to share something on my blog today that has been on my mind a lot these days...

it might appear that i have things all together. that i have a perfect life, a perfect family and perfect kids. it might seem like i have everything under control. but the truth is that no one has it all 100% figured out. and there is no such thing as "perfect".

i learned last year from becky higgins' project real life class that to say yes to something you need to say no to something else. it's all about balance. and being realistic. and being okay with not doing it all.

because no one can do it all. no one.

we often only show the shiny happy parts of our lives on blogs and social media. but remember that behind the camera + the computer, we are all the same real people inside.

i try to keep it real in my project life pages for my family. because no family is happy all the time. i love to document the real life moments like quinn making a face when offered fruit at his school field day. and tate having a screaming fit in the shower. time outs, being sick, messy rooms and potty training frustration. pretending to be a "perfect" family is not only exhausting, it is just not possible.

real life ==>

so even though i might creatively crop my photos on instagram so you can't see the mess behind the kids, know that real life lives in my house!

and this is the current state of my real life...

- my to do list is easily over 100 items long. it seems like on most days i add more items to it than i actually check off. i'm starting to accept that it is probably always going to be this way. i'm working on being okay with doing a few things each day.

- i love all things organization. and martha stewart is my organization guru. but my house will never be completely organized like the beautiful pictures in her magazine. never ever. some days my house will look better than others so i'll enjoy the momentary mirage.

- finding and sticking to a routine that works for me is a work in progress. i've figured out a few things that make life easier - like how much i hate getting up early, but that it is the only way that i can make sure quinn is not late to school and how preparing for breakfast the night before is a big part of things not being so crazy in the morning. and there are other things that i know i need to do every week but they just have not become a habit yet - like writing out our weekly dinner menu and picking a house cleaning day.

- i am usually up to my ears in photo editing at any given moment. if i'm caught up on the current month's photos, then there is the past few years worth of photos that i always need to go back and finish. that is such a daunting task and i fear it will never get done. and as a result, i have a long list of photos books that i really, really want to create but for now only live in my dreams. sometimes it might seem like i have all of my photo projects done, but the truth is that i have many that i want to do and i plan to do, but as of now they are still not done. and that is okay. it will all happen in time. or not.

- i am finally catching up on six years of lost sleep. i have not consistently had more than 7 hours of sleep since quinn was born. seriously, how have i existed this long without sleep - one of my favorite things?! first it was a newborn, then my excitement to learn photography which kept me up many late nights, then my photography business, then another baby, then a blog and on and on the excuses reasons go. there are so many creative thoughts and exciting projects that i want to do. and i have focused on these things to the detriment of taking care of myself for way too long. i've been working on getting more sleep for the past month and the changes have been amazing. i still don't get 7+ hours of sleep every night. but i'm definitely getting way more sleep that i have in years.

...and i'm working on it all. little by little. step by step. i'm trying to accept the fact that i won't get it all done - probably ever. but i can keep it manageable. and celebrate the little accomplishments. and know that i am not alone. because i don't know one single person that really does have a "perfect" life.

so, what does your real life look like?