my sweet tate,

today you turn three years old. how can this be already? life is just racing by and you are growing up so fast. you still love to do whatever it is your big brother is doing, but more and more these days you are showing a strong interest in your own favorite things - like cars and bowling. i can always find you playing one of these things or even playing them together when you use your cars to knock over the bowling pins. you love to pick out a new hot wheels car when we go to the store and you insist on opening the package right there in the shopping cart. you tell me the colors of the cars and count them too. ninjago and star wars lego mini-figures still keep you happy too. just like quinn.

you are saying so many words these days and lots + lots of little sentences. where did quinn go? mommy help find bowling pin? i go ni-night? i love how you sound like such a big boy when you talk to me now.

and boy oh boy have you developed a little temper these days! when you get frustrated, you swing your arms and launch into flight anything in your path. like when your teeny tiny bowling pins won't stand up. so flying across the room they go. this usually results in a time out for you, which does not make you happy. i know you are just little and you are learning to deal with it so it is so sad when this happens. your poor brother is often the target when you get frustrated. he is on the receiving end of more than a few toys being thrown at him - like cars, bowling pins, milk cups and whatever else is close by when you get mad. we can't wait for this phase to pass - and fast.

you are so smart too. you have known all of your letters and numbers since this time last year. and you have continued to learn more this year. you love to point out letters + numbers, shapes and colors everywhere we go. you can play with the ipad all by yourself. you love watching videos on you tube like looney tunes babies, ninjago, cars and bowling pins. you also like the letters + numbers apps too.

you are the pickest eater around. but then again, what three year old isn't? you love goldfish crackers, cereal bars, fruit + veggie squeezes, chips, nummies (bananas), french fries, chocolate (kit kats), m&m's, waffles with nutella, yogurt and chicken. you still only drink water + vanilla milk. maybe we can sneak in a few more vegetables this year?

you are so stubborn and you refuse to fully potty train. right now you are winning the battle on that and it is so frustrating for mommy!

you sleep in your bed all night long - when we are not having issues with the nap/no nap days. you must have all of your favorite things in bed before you will fall asleep - your monkey baseball pillowcase, your monkey blanket, paci and your three little blue blankies. paci is going to go away now that you are three. you will probably be quite traumatized by his departure but life will go on after a few tears i'm sure.

i love to be home with you each day. i asked if you are ready to go to preschool now that you are three and you said no, stay home with mommy! that is going to be fun in the fall. but being with you all day watching you grow and learn is the only place i'd want to be right now. because time really does go by too fast. i know that each new year brings fun new milestones and adventures. and i don't want to miss a thing.

thank you for being you my sweet tate.

you are my favorite tate in the whole world!

love, mommy