unravelling my year ahead

as the last few days of this year quickly slip by, i am ready to say hello to 2013. and i will do it with the help of this amazing little workbook from susannah conway...

this sweet gift from susannah is free to download. she is a truly gifted writer and a sweet soul. and her 2013 unravelling workbook is a great way to wrap up 2012 and say hello to what lies ahead in 2013.

last year i printed susannah's 2012 unravelling workbook and sat down with it on new year's eve night. after we put the boys to bed and had a delicious steak dinner, my husband and i sat down together at the kitchen table with a beer, a pen and a copy of the unravelling workbook. it was such a great way to think about all that had happened in the past year and then look forward to the new year ahead. i firmly believe in putting down in writing what you want, hope and believe. i know that positive energy will find it's way back to you when you put out positive energy.

there was a page in my 2012 unravelling workbook where i wrote my future self a letter. i don't remember what i wrote, but i am really looking forward to opening to that page and reading my words on new year's eve. to see what i have learned, how i have changed over this past year and where i am today. and this year i will write another letter to my future self. i cannot wait.

go here to download this workbook. then print it out and fill the pages with your own goals, thoughts + dreams.

i cannot think of a better way to plan on spending new year's eve again this year... focusing on all the great things to come in 2013!