we made peanut butter

i love pinterest! there are endless ideas and inspiration to be found. and they all are accompanied by plenty of gorgeous photos. the photos are probably the biggest draw for me to want to try to do or make something i find on pinterest. but the reality is when it comes to diy projects the easier it is, the better the chance i'll actually try it. recently i came across a pin about how simple it is to make peanut butter. just peanuts and a food processor. that is it. just give it about five minutes and voila, you have homemade peanut butter.

July 09, 2012-50-w

so i picked up a few jars of lightly salted peanuts the last time i was at the grocery store. and after a morning trip to the pool with the kids, i put tate down for his nap and i pulled out the food processor and a jar of peanuts. i showed quinn what i was doing and his love of peanut butter had him a bit curious. after all, we usually buy peanut butter already made in a jar. and now i was going to make it? he was a little skeptical and took a peanut out of the jar to try it so he could make sure it tasted like peanut butter.

the process was super simple.


1.  pour the peanuts into the food processor and turn it on.

2. first it becomes a bit crumbly.


3. then it forms a doughy ball.

4. then it starts to break down into a grainy consistency.


5. then it starts to smooth out a bit as the natural oils in the peanuts are released.

6. and then it becomes a the consistency of peanut butter that we all know and love.

July 09, 2012-63-w

we filled two small mason jars from a 16 ounce jar of peanuts. and of course my taste tester was on hand to give his approval. we tried it right out of the food processor and it was still warm from all of that processing. quinn wasn't really used to warm peanut butter so he liked it better after it was room temperature.

July 09, 2012-41-w
July 09, 2012-32E-w

this was a simple and fun food diy project. i just couldn't believe how easy it was. i felt a bit like martha today. and the peanut butter tasted so good. i'm sure it is something we will do again soon.

July 09, 2012-40-w

here is a link to the original post for homemade peanut butter that i found on pinterest with lots more details and beautiful photos of her homemade peanut butter. i have pinned lots of things i want to try on pinterest. you can follow me here.