year three, day one

he turned three. and i documented his whole day in photos. just the ordinary things that he did on his birthday... quinn + i woke him up this morning. he slept in past his usual time since we got home from our disney trip last night and he was wiped out from all the fun.

slow start this a silly + giggly mood.he brings his cars everywhere these days.playing with his bowling set while waiting for breakfast.

i let him have his birthday breakfast (waffles with nutella + yogurt) on the ottoman while he played with his little bowling set.

then he moved on to playing with his new star wars imperial bowling set that we got in disney. this was just so much fun for him.nona came over to watch the boys while i went to the doctor to get medicine after i got sick on our disney trip. i was going to take the boys out for tate's birthday lunch, but instead they got mc donald's chicken nuggest + fries from the drive through while i picked up my medicine.tate played with quinn's new lego star wars ship that quinn put together today. and then he broke the ship into pieces - yikes! quinn was not happy.then tate wanted to help daddy + quinn build a lego ninjago set.he moved on to putting together one of his new lego ninjago mini-figures.and back to more bowling with his new star wars imperial bowling set.

he even got creative with setting up his bowling pins.

then it was time for a milk break.and more bowling in mommy's office.plugging in the christmas lights that did not get put away. shower time and a little basketball hoops.his birthday dinner was homemade pizza by mommy. making a wish and getting a little help from quinn to blow out the candles. and just one more game of bowling while eating his birthday brownie before going to bed.

goodnight my sweet three year old boy!


this post was totally inspired by my talented + creative friend stacey. and here is a look at what quinn's first day of being five looked like.