The Simply White Collection

The Simply White Collection of digital photo collage templates ==>>

When my boys were babies, I wanted to keep a photo album of their pictures and a journal of what they did and said, but I wasn't sure exactly how to do this. Weren't photo albums supposed to be for special occasions like holidays and vacations? And journals were a whole different thing.

Hello Project Life®

I love being a rule breaker but I didn't know exactly how to break those photo album "rules" to document my family - until I stumbled upon this amazing thing called Project Life®. It was a simple scrapbooking system that used plastic pocket pages to hold photos and little cards to write down anything you wanted all on one page.

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OMG! I was in love instantly! Now I had a way to use my photos and write down the big and little things that happened in our family. I immediately bought my first Project Life® 12x12 album and pocket pages and began documenting my family. I loved this so much and shared my pages on my blog each week.

Modern Scrapbooking

Now, when it came to telling people what I did I had a hard time with the word "scrapbooking" because it conjured up images of really busy pages filled with lots of color, stickers and embellishments. And I knew that was just not my style.

So I let go of traditional scrapbooking and kept my pages simple. 

As I put together my Project Life® pages, my own style emerged. My love of white space and simple, modern design became part of my weekly pages. My photos were the focus and I put them together with clean and simple fonts to tell the stories. These pages became a journal of my life told with my own unique style. I consider this approach to be "modern scrapbooking". Now this is definitely my style!

In 2013, I was incredibly honored to be chosen as a member of Becky Higgins' Project Life® Creative Team to share my unique Project Life® pages.


The Simply White Collection

simply white photo collage templates for digital scrabooking + memory keeping + project life ==>

The Simply White Collection came from my own need for photo collage templates to simplify my memory keeping process. Week after week I would find myself making photo collages in Photoshop so I could add multiple photos and text to each 4x6 or 3x4 photo pocket space. So I combined my love of white space and my desire to make my photos the focus of my pages and created The Simply White Collection.

The Simply White Collection includes individual photo collage templates and photo page templates. The Simply White Collection can be used with digital, hybrid and physical layouts. You can customize your photo collage templates in Photoshop or Photoshop Elements and then print them as photos and pages or insert them into your digital project.

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